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The church

The church

The Baroque Church of San Miguel, built in 1623, houses a precious cut of Our Lady of the Desamparados of the School of Vergara.

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La Iglesia

The museum house

The museum house




The Ethnological Museum

The Ethnological Museum of La Vall d’Ebo, located in an old house at the avenue of the Marina Alta, presents a collection of tools and curiosities contributed by the neighbors of the municipality.

Through these objects we recreate the life of our ancestors. The austerity of kitchen utensils, shows a simple diet; The implements of rudimentary cultivation with which the fruit of hard labor was extracted from the earth; The furniture, the clothes, the ornaments, etc …

Visiting the Ethnological Museum is entering another era, each of the exhibits was used by someone at some point in life and the history of La Vall d’Ebo.

The first two floors are dedicated to the recreation of the places of life of a village house.

Center of Interpretation of the Rock Art of the Vall d’Ebo.

Located on the third floor of the Casa Museo, the Interpretation Center for Cave Art in La Vall d’Ebo (Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998) offers visitors facsimile reproductions of all engravings and cave paintings of our term Explained through showcases and panels with 3D photographs.

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Casa Museo